Sarah & Tanner

Sarah & Tanner. 

A wedding day I had looked forward to for months leading up to it. The first time I met Sarah I realized I would be working with one of the sweetest brides ever.  Our Starbucks meeting happened to fall on one of my sickest days of the year for me personally ( I am pretty sure I was a complete mess. My husband had to drive me to Starbuck I was so ill ; but I knew I had to meet with Sarah).  She was gracious enough to meet and hire me to capture this beautiful beginning!

Sarah is a light. One that is bright and radiant! Tanner is a man of Christ and together they make each other shine brighter. I believe that this is completely evident in their wedding. The Lord was glorified by their unity to the point that it could not be ignored in any form or fashion!!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed documenting these moment forever! Seriously though.. I cannot get over how cute these two are! AH! Enjoy :)