Sarah & Tanner

Sarah & Tanner. 

A wedding day I had looked forward to for months leading up to it. The first time I met Sarah I realized I would be working with one of the sweetest brides ever.  Our Starbucks meeting happened to fall on one of my sickest days of the year for me personally ( I am pretty sure I was a complete mess. My husband had to drive me to Starbuck I was so ill ; but I knew I had to meet with Sarah).  She was gracious enough to meet and hire me to capture this beautiful beginning!

Sarah is a light. One that is bright and radiant! Tanner is a man of Christ and together they make each other shine brighter. I believe that this is completely evident in their wedding. The Lord was glorified by their unity to the point that it could not be ignored in any form or fashion!!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed documenting these moment forever! Seriously though.. I cannot get over how cute these two are! AH! Enjoy :)

Payton & Katie

Payton & Katie - What a pair these two are.

Upon meeting them for the first time I could tell that Katie had a spunk that could bring out the joy in everyone she is around. Our first meeting over coffee was filled with laugher and Payton and I listening as Katie explained her ideas for their wedding day. I cannot wait to photograph there wedding to share all her spunkiness (lets just say this might be the most exciting non first look I have ever done). I cannot wait!! 

For their engagement pictures we made our way out to one of Oklahoma's treasures Turner Falls .

Lauren Shipman

" to live would be an awfully big adventure" - Peter Pan

Lauren is one of a kind. While her curly hair, spunky speech, and confident lipstick might tell you that she is your classic girly girl the truth is is that she is not that at all. Lauren could waste her days away in coffee shops or you might find her practicing for horseback riding competitions ( I am sure there is a fancy word for this).

Out of all the fear that someone can have in their life.. Spiders, clowns, darkness, or even puns. I have found that one of my fears is to be on top of a horse. To be on top of an animal and not really have control seems to be one of my largest fears. I love horses, I think they are beautiful and bring peace when people are around them but you will never find me on top of one. 

All that to be said, Lauren is one brave lady (in my opinion) to have a desire and a joy to be in control of something SO large. To do competitions and embrace something that others fear (a.k.a Me)

I think this speaks to the kind of woman she will become in a few years. One who takes on challenges. Does not back down if the task is too large, and desires to seek what the Lord has gifted her in. 

Lauren, good luck my dear. You have a lot of people behind you, routing for you, praying for you! Go SHINE :)

Smith Family

The days go slow but the years go fast so treasure every moment while it lasts.
— Lucas & Janet Smith

Sometimes when photographing families with littles it can feel stressful and unsuccessful; that was not the case with these four. The Smith family had no negatives, just serious positives. As parents I think it can be easy to desire your children to smile, but the key to laughter is for everyone to enjoy what they are doing. Lucas and Janet loved where they were with their girls. It was a playtime not a frustrating experience! The key is to enjoy where you are. Laugh with your littles. Play, Sing, Jump, Dance, and don't worry about wether or not you look happy in your photos because I promise if you are doing these things you will. And it will be captured!

 When I was finding a location for this shoot I was desiring to create  an environment where the colors complimented each other perfectly. Color is one of the most captivating elements in a photograph. So, you start with the obvious... Their outfits (the littles purple dresses) and of course in this case Lucas's red hair. Then focus on the where will the light be at that time of day. These were taken during the harshest light (10-11am), but we put them in the shade and rocked it!


Smith Family,

I was so honored that y'all desired to use me as your photographer. Thank you for that! Y'all truly bring out the best in your girls. It was wonderful watching you interact with them in front of the camera. I am pretty sure I was laughing as much as y'all were! I love how y'all love and show the Lord as a family. Thank you for all you do for the kingdom, it doesn't go unnoticed. 

God Bless,

Juliana Rose Bradley

Kamry Snyder

I believe that beauty is found in the depths of ones true soul. When originality and uniqueness is completely embraced.
— Kamry Snyder

I love senior shoots for many reasons. One is that it brings a challenge because let's face it, most of us had no idea who we were, or where we were going when we were seniors (this is why changing ones major is completely normal). So getting a captivating portrait can be difficult because a senior does't really know who they are. That was not the case in this shoot.

 I think Kamry summed up herself pretty perfectly when she said that beauty is found when "uniqueness is completely embraced", she is unique. Truly one of the most uniquely creative people I know. She has laughter that is not defined by where she bought her cloths (seriously, she rocks cloths I would have never even gave a second look to). She is not defined by what the world thinks is cute. She marches to the beat of her own drum. Kamry knows who she is defined by. That's Jesus Christ. 


It was an honor to have created something for this part of your life. Senior. Wow. Way to go girl! Your light is truly one of the brightest I've seen. Don't feel pressure, let the Lord use you. I can not wait to watch all you do (from being silly with your group of friends, to the accomplishments you will achieve). This is your time. Shine!

With tons of joy,

Juliana Rose Bradley