My love for photography began in middle school when I began playing around with my small underwater orange Fuji camera (I felt so cool). As I got older, I realized that capturing moments with beautiful light was something that I enjoyed in every moment of life. I decided to further my passion in college where I studied photography and graduated with a degree in visual communication from Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2015!

 My husband and I began our love story as the Bradley's on 10.10.2015! Alex has always been someone that inspires me to show pure joy in each moment I capture through my lens. As Alex and I took our next step, I felt that I was able to relate to my client like never before. Now I feel more prepared and excited to help in the preparations that you will experience throughout your wedding planning and even up to the BIG day.

    One thing I desire to give my clients is my undivided attention. We live in a world full of technology and it can be hard to turn it off. But it's my new goal for 2016 to walk in and to give my undivided attention.